What’s it all about?

Klangwelt (“sound-world” or “world of sound”) is the musical project of Gerald Arend, a German audio-designer from Norderstedt (near Hamburg) who’s working for the multimedia- and computer-games-industry.

Born in 1966, he already made his first contact with electronic music in the late 70’s with Jean-Michel Jarre’s famous “Oxygene”-album. More records with synthesizer-music followed, made by artists like Tangerine Dream, Michael Rother, Vangelis, Kitaro or Klaus Schulze. The more he listened to these fascinating sounds, the more he was convinced that this was the kind of music he would like to play himself.

Gerald bought his first synthesizer back in 1982 and started to self-educate keyboard-playing. Together with a friend, he started several musical projects in the area of the German “Neue Deutsche Welle”-movement and independent-pop/rock. They produced a number of homerecorded tapes in the 80’s and finally a CD in 1993. He also was a keyboarder in a rock-band for some two years back in the middle 80’s, playing pop/rock with German lyrics.

During the years, Gerald collected more and more equipment to set up and complete his own small recording-studio. In 1995 he finally started to create the electronic “soundworlds” he had always dreamt of - project Klangwelt was born.

Klangwelt’s music combines rich, atmospheric soundpads, pulsating rhythms and catching melodies to both relaxing and stimulating instrumental tracks, professionally produced in wide-sounding 3-D-stereo.

The first CD “Weltweit” was released in early 2002 and became a big success. It got great reviews from EM-magazines and WWW-sites from all over the world, tracks from the album were played in numerous radio-shows like the US-program “Echoes”. The end of 2003 saw the release of the second album “The Age Of Numbers”, an electronic journey into the fascinating world of numbers and mathematics. The second CD soon received lots of positive reviews and became a big success as well. In late summer 2006, the latest album “XOIO” is released.

Gerald and his albums received some of Germany’s most important awards for electronic music - please see the music-page for further details.